Corporate Experiences

The Green Village is an ideal off-beat spot for corporate outdoor events. Our facilities and nature inspired activities with a theme of learning from nature will make a lasting impression on the corporate Turks of today. Our indoor games & sports facilities along with a well equipped conference and dining room provide the best setting for corporate to unwind and relax.

If there is an outdoor event that you are planning for your employees or your team, The Green Village is just the place you are looking for. We can take care of everything from logistics to activities to planning your day. Our team of outdoor training experts can provide you with their services to create a memorable outdoor Himalayan experience for you. Our innovative team building games like a treasure hunt, passing the buck, blindfold checkers etc will help your team gel well together and will teach them how to find innovative solutions to complex problems in a collaborative way. In addition to that, multiple activities with the theme of learning from nature will add fun to the learning for your team and also teach them the concept of responsible living by living in harmony with nature and with each other.

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