Temple walks

It is one of the most loved of our exciting experiences that one can enjoy at The Green Village. This experience is loved not just for the beautiful location of the temples but also for the architecture of these temples. The Temple walk experience is a must for anyone who visits The Green Village. These temples have stood the test of time and are as old as 5th century AD. The beautifully sculpted stones add a life to the temples and nearby jungles make a perfect setting for an exciting experience.

There are innumerable temples nearby which can be experienced within a day’s tour. These temples are Jageshwar (Cluster of Temples from 8th Century), Dandeshwar, Jhakarsem, Hanuman Mandir, Vriddh Jageshwar (Temple along with Himalayan Snowline Showcase) and Chitai bell temple ( A temple dedicated to the local deities).

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