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Corporate Experiences

The Green Village is an ideal off-beat spot for corporate outdoor events. Our facilities and nature inspired activities with a theme of learning from nature will make a lasting impression on the corporate Turks of today. Our indoor games & sports facilities along with a well equipped conference and dining room provide the best setting for corporate to unwind and relax.

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Village Walks

Village walks is a splendid way to maximize your experience of a region! With an open mind and a little bit of adaptability you get to enjoy all the flavours of the village life, all at one place. Interact with the locals, learn their cuisine, live their life for once, or simply bask in the sun or soak in the rain. This is one experience which broadens your outlook, transcends the soul and creates new lifelong bonds.

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Adventure and Activities

The Green Village is an ideal Resort where you can select from a wide range of thrilling adventure activities and fun outdoor sports. So when you need something daring to do in a safe way, this is the place to do it with your family and friends. The Green Village has selectively picked some exciting adventure options for you including mountain biking, rock climbing, jungle trail hikes, short treks, rappelling, rope bridge etc.

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Temple walks

It is one of the most loved of our exciting experiences that one can enjoy at The Green Village. This experience is loved not just for the beautiful location of the temples but also for the architecture of these temples. The Temple walk experience is a must for anyone who visits The Green Village. These temples have stood the test of time and are as old as 5th century AD. The beautifully sculpted stones add a life to the temples and nearby jungles make a perfect setting for an exciting experience.

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